Vision, Mission & Values

There are two things, above anything else, which define our set of values: Community and The Environment.

When we first set out in business all those years ago, we did so with the goal of making a real difference in each of these two areas and this has remained our focus and our passion ever since.

It is for this reason that we always work in tandem with the communities whom we are serving, rather than in isolation from them. Quite simply, we see our role as being one of education and support because be empowering communities to become involved, the work we do now will be carried on in the future.

Our mission is simple and straightforward.
Just like us really.

We aim not just to be seen as a market leader in the UK grounds maintenance and landscaping sector, but to do so by maintaining the same community focused ethos which has been part of who we are for over 35 years.

And furthermore, because we see communities as the core fabric which underpins society, our mission is to empower all of those communities in which we are active to become involved in the work that we do.

Why? Because we believe that this partnership approach is what will ensure lasting and positive change within local communities and in the process, make them better places for us all.