Towell House Sensory Garden

Towell House Sensory Garden  was delivered by Out There Services working closely with Landscape Design Consultants Aecom. The scheme was carried out for Towell House in conjunction with Belfast City Council, who assisted as a major funder for the project

Towell House Residential Home provides full time care for both young and old patients, as well as people with Dementia.

The Towell House facility have outdoor facilities in the form of pathways and landscaped communal gardens but had access to a large plot of land to the rear of the property that was un-used. Towell House identified that this site had potential if developed, to be a new peaceful setting for residents to use and enjoy with their friends and families when coming to visit.

Out There Services were appointed Main Contractors to deliver the works. The first problem with the project was that all tenders had come in well over the Clients budget. Out There staff worked with Aecom Design staff to identify a cost effective solution to the scheme, and through a number of detailed brainstorming and value engineering sessions, the project was eventually brought within budget whilst still achieving the high quality project the Client had set out to achieve.

The scheme was delivered in a very open and transparent way, with many obstacles overcome along the way including additional works, variations and technical issues resolved through regular meetings between all parties.


Works included:

  • Tree Surgery
  • Earthworks (including cut’n’fill to balance quantities to reduce costs, removal of concrete structures, pathways and stone walls)
  • 400m of new cable ducting installed for the wall and pathway lighting. This also included provisions for new Nurse Call buttons, water supply and CCTV
  • Stone works using Type 1 compacted hardcore 
  • Paving
  • Water feature installation including pump, filter and feature lighting

The beds were all top soiled and landscaping works were carried out to including the following:

  • Construction of a new potting shed
  • Timber Pergolas
  • Sleeper wall works
  • Directional and information signage
  • Turfing works
  • Planting of sensory plants and vegetables
  • Water feature works
  • Construction of timber logs for story telling area
  • New fencing works
  • Benches and seating areas

The planting was designed with the needs of the residents in mind, to ensure that a stimulant and sensory effect was produced for all people using the garden. May of the plants selected were done so to produce both scent and feel.

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