Reed Bed Remediation Works

Out There Services – Appointed Design and Build Contractor for Reed Bed Remediation works, Belfast

Out There Services were approached by our Client to develop a solution to deal with an existing reed bed located in Belfast. The current facility was used for demonstration purposes only and constructed to facilitate school visits as a means of demonstrating how our water is cleaned.

The existing facility had been neglected and overgrown and the existing embankments were collapsing and leaking water which caused the reed bed to dry out during the summer months.

We provided a design which incorporated as much of the existing structure as possible, minimising the amount of exporting and importing of material as possible. The levels in the bed were lowered and from here, excavated material was then assessed and deemed acceptable to form new embankments around the bed, which acted as a new form of flood defence.

The new structure was then in-filled with sand to accommodate the new Butyl liner installation works. The sand prevents any sharps from puncturing the liner once in place.

Once the liner was in place, we then in-filled the reed bed with a mix of sand and fine gravel to provide a suitable planting bed for our reeds.

An overflow system was incorporated into the system to deal with any potential for flooding caused by flash flooding. This overflow tied into a newly formed concrete slipway which discharged  into the main pond.

The final activity was to plant the reeds into the bed and turn on the pumps to fill the structure with water .

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