Environmental Management

We are Out There in even more ways than you might think!

Our Environmental Management Division takes care of all those less glamorous and let’s be honest pretty unpleasant environmental issues that are so vital when it comes to making the environment in which you live and work much better for everyone.

Caring for your environment is our top priority and something we have always been extremely passionate about, ever since we set out on our journey over 25 years ago.

Our committed and dedicated teams are capable of delivering a full suite of environmental services, from power washing to graffiti removal, from winter gritting to invasive weed treatment, and from snow clearance to waste removal.

Yes, we really are Out There all the time caring for your environment to make your life much more enjoyable.

Case Study

Reed Bed Remediation Works

Out There Services – Appointed Design and Build Contractor for Reed Bed Remediation works, Belfast

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