Castle Park Walled Garden

The project called for the walled garden to be restored back to its original Victorian design.

The work involved supplying and planting some 1200 different plant species, each species down to the cultivar had been carefully selected were considered integral to the completed scheme and many individual varieties had to be sourced from specialist small nurseries across Europe.

The site offered unique challenges not least the presence of Mares tails which ultimately affected the timing of completion and some areas of the site are still being controlled today preventing 100% completion of the planting.

The identification of the plant species on delivery and on site, and the setting out of up to 800 varieties of herbaceous plants in strict accordance with a detailed planting plan that had been carefully prepared by the garden historian required a high level of horticulture expertise.

A central avenue of 30-35cm girth pleached lime trees were supplied and planted by Out There Services.

The garden is surrounded by a 5m wide herbaceous border running around the inside of the wall, with four main themed quadrants forming the centre of the design.  The Kitchen Garden, Topiary Garden, Swamp and Flower gardens are all complex in their design and variety of plants.  The work involved amongst other things, careful ground preparation, the handling and planting of high value specimen plant material, and the setting out of Buxus sempervirens to create a formal and complex hedge patterns.  There are also significant lawns within the garden which were turfed and quality of the workmanship and the finished lawns was vital to the appearance of the garden.

The main avenues of the garden are framed by an Escallonia hedge planted as container grown 25l specimens.  Horticultural staff from Out There played an integral role in advising the client and the main contractor on ground preparation and drainage issues prior to the installation of the plant material.

This was a highly prestigious project which called for a vast amount of horticultural skill and experience.

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