Antrim Castle Gardens

This was the installation of all soft landscape elements including tree and shrub planting, grassing and turfing works to the restored Antrim Castle Gardens. The gardens are extensively used by the local community and are a real draw for tourism to the Antrim Area.

We sourced and procured all plant material, including extensive quantities of mature Carpinus and Buxus hedging and semi mature pleached lime trees form the structure to the courtyard design. Out There worked closely with the Landscape Architect to ensure the best possible result for the customer.

The site had extensive drainage problems which had to be overcome to ensure successful establishment of the planting and grass areas. Soil improvements were undertaken by Out There to relieve compaction and to incorporate organic matter into the soil. Semi mature trees and shrubs were used extensively across the project, combined with vibrant herbaceous planting.

The herbaceous borders of the Terrace garden were a real success.

Other works carried out included:

  • Planting of semi mature hedges throughout Including Escallonia, Carpinus and Buxus.
  • Planting and establishment of Trees up to 20-25cm girth
  • Drainage to tree pits
  • Turfing and grass seeding

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