Out there taking care of your environment

Our Origins

For over 35 years, right up until September 2016, we were known simply as The Landscape Centre.

However, with over 250 staff now employed, and with more than 70 commercial vehicles out on the road right across the UK every day, we felt that this name no longer adequately told our story.

And here’s why.

Far from being the small family landscaping business that we started out as all those years ago, we are now the largest landscaping and maintenance company operating in the whole of Northern Ireland, with new depots in London and Scotland.

Hence, we needed a name that could better reflect the long journey we’ve travelled to date; one that could tell you a lot more about us as a company.

Why "Out There"?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are different.

That’s because we have an incredibly strong social, economic and environmental commitment and are passionate about giving back to communities. It’s simply part of our DNA and it always has been ever since we first started out all those years ago.

And because our client base includes housing associations, schools, hospitals, residential developments, retail, government bodies, DARD, Housing Executive, CAFRE and local councils, our role is simply to be “out there” every day, working hard to improve the many different communities on whose behalf we work.

That’s why we are Out There – not just in name but in practice.

Case Study

Omagh Hospital & Primary Care Complex



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Our mission is simple and straightforward.
Just like us really.

We aim not just to be seen as a market leader in the UK grounds maintenance and landscaping sector, but to do so by maintaining the same community focused ethos which has been part of who we are for over 35 years.

And furthermore, because we see communities as the core fabric which underpins society, our mission is to empower all of those communities in which we are active to become involved in the work that we do.

Why? Because we believe that this partnership approach is what will ensure lasting and positive change within local communities and in the process, make them better places for us all.

Our people

It sounds like a cliché to say that "our people are our most important asset" but honestly, in our case it’s 100% true.

Community & Values

We value the power of community simply because we see the benefits that our work "out there" can bring to entire communities.

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